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Beckneard, aka Karlor aka Darkblade


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Scheh, from the shadows of the damp basement you see a figure emerge. The figure pushes up his glasses and declares: "My name is Beckneard, but my guild mates call me Karlor!" 


You get the feeling that his guild mates call him a lot of names.. 


Beckneard is a 33 year old neckbeard weeb, looking to adventure the city for quests and waifus. Formerly was level 3 rogue in the guild GENESIS. He seeks a fellow group of LARPERS to continue on these quests, to forever engrave in his never ending journal, and forge unbreakable bonds. He seeks only the mentally strong and capable, must posses immense power. 

Beckneard must ask his mom first, to approve of the formed party. 

You may find Beckneard hanging out at Grubs tavern, Naruto running, rolling dice, and swooning the waifus.

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