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From Fat To Famous

Fatt John

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Who is Fat John? Fat John Gotti is a natural born hustler from Liberty City's Shoreside Vale neighborhood. Growing up in poverty, John quickly became acclimated to the street life and became a pretty successful narcotics trafficker. Growing up in a single parent house hold with two younger siblings, John was left with no choice but to earn his income out of what some would call "the mud'. Having to feed his family and himself, (pun intended) he started selling marijuana at a very young age. Running his local Shoreside Vale drug trade, John became very well known for his drive and ability to make everyone laugh effortlessly. John quickly climbed to the to of the totem pole in his line of work and gained the support and love from a lot of his peers in community. John loved his community with a passion but there was something he loved even more than his community or a large number three from burger shot, and that was music. If fat John wasn't out hustling to provide a better life for his family then he was in the studio making songs. With dreams bigger than his stomach, John moved to Lucid City in hopes to become the biggest rapper (literally and figuratively) from Liberty City to ever make it out.


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