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Frank the Italian immigrant

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Hello I'm Francesco Valentinetti and I am here to fufill my dream of opening a restaurant. 

I've got all of my grandmothers recipes that I want all of you to taste.

I am also looking for a specific ingredient that I can't tell you the name of. Its a secret and a mystery that if you want to know. I gotta trust you enough.

My character comes from a little town in Italy where he would work on his familiy's farm. His farm unfortunatly got burned downed by the Mob and had to leave the country. He is ambitous about his new life in Los Santos and dreams of opening a restaurant. On his first day he will meet as many people as possible that might be able to help him find this secret ingredient and start up his restaurant. He will passout frequently of a specific word if said. Nobody knows why but it's probably due to that his farm got burnt.

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