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BTK (Born to Kill)

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  BTK,  Born to kill for the Thrill

 A new gang  that's like family taking off not just to the top but to the moon.  

  Our colors are pine green and grey,
btk a group of new bandit roaming this new city lost until they found one an other and had an instant spark of connection for one another that is family like and an unbreakable bond, we stared it as a small group of good friends being in the city made us realize there is only one way to survive and that is being in a gang not wanting to split the group apart in conclusion we formed btk. born to kill, something we all have in common blood thirsty ready to kill anyone that gets in our way to stop us from getting to the top knowing it will be a big challenge since all the gangs wanna make it big but we wont stop from trying until we are satisfied one day the city will come to know btk and will be frighten to get on our bad side

"We Weren't Ready For Half The Shit We Been Through But Clearly We Built For It"


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Hello  Spud Kushy , I'm intrested in joining 

If You're There, please contact me

Discord : simeon7947

Lucid City UID :98825

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