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A Storm Blew Into Town...

Stormy Night

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Stormy flew into Lucid City for a fresh start. She grew up in a rough neighborhood and maybe the sirens and sounds of gunshots echoing through the hair would be comforting.  At an early age, Stormy was forced to grow up quickly. Living with her mother, Sunshine (her street name), her mother was anything but a bright light in her life. Stormy wouldn't know her father if he bumped into him on the streets. When questioned about him, she always responds the same way. "When you see that nigga, you let me know." Stormy's bright light was her only sister. They grew up looking out for each other and their mother played no part in their nurturing. Stormy was often at the receiving end of her mother's furry over her own disappointing life. She often wondered if her mother named her stormy because of the thunderous hell that she always found herself swept away by. When she went to school there was always a broken arm here or a black eye to lie about. She didn't lie to protect her mother, she did it to protect her sibling. She lived with the madness of Sunshine until that one fateful day. Sunshine struck her sister  across the face and in a moment of rage, Stormy had summoned all her strength striking her mother back. Dazed and angry, her mother came to and grabbed a kitchen knife. She slashed Stormy across the back and slammed her face into the wall repeatedly. The impact from the blows claimed her eye. She wears a false eye that she had painted black as her dark soul. To embrace her imperfection, she underwent sclera tattooing on her other eye to have balance. When people look into her eyes and ask her what happened, with a limited view she always responds... "The sky is always the darkest before the Storm." 

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