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the story of Blair, Kenny & Joseph McReary


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In 2008 when Blair & Kenny's family had quite a disastrous year with their brother Francis McReary being assassinated and their sister Kate McReary who got shot at Roman Bellic's wedding, The family nearly crumbled and a rift was formed between Kenny, Patrick, and Blair that was almost unrepairable. Blair Stayed at home with his mother in Dukes, Liberty City, Kenny left home to move to QLD after a few years of training he then joined the Royal Australian Navy. After serving for a few years Kenny got dismissed for good. He then lived off the streets until he had to fly back to Liberty city to attend a funeral, Where he bumped into his Brother Blair. Packie the older brother moved to Los Santos NSW. to protect himself Blair Started going by the name Blair Statham to distance himself from the family name and for his protection from the Pegorino family. Blair had a son at 16, his name was Joseph, Joseph Feelma. in 2010 Joseph's mother and Blair's Partner was shot and killed in an attempted hit on Blair by the Pegorino Family so Blair moved joseph to live in NSW Los Santos things were going great no one knew who they were. some time passed and the year was now 2021 and Blair met someone who went by the name of Dyl Wilson who ran the Aztec Cartel, Blair helped build it up and eventually inherited leadership of the Aztec Cartel and eventually left it all behind when he went back to Liberty City with his son for their mothers funeral and of course, he ran into Kenny, Blair told Kenny of all the amazing things about NSW Los Santos and convinced him to come with them by the start of 2022 and this was the start of the McReary's in NSW Blair and Joseph joined their brother Kenny in taking back the name McReary and being proud of it. Kenny convicted Blair to start the McReary Family here in NSW and after Blair said it was only going to be a group of 3-4 it turned into about 7-8 people and then about 14-15 people with associates and they just kept growing. by this time Joseph was 16 and an enforcer of the McReary family alongside Barry James with Kenny and Blair as the 2 heads of the Mobster Family. 

Within due time Joseph found his way to underboss within the family but with him growing to be as high up as he wanted his aspirations and effort led to lazy and careless behaviour that started wars and disputes with multiple groups, gangs and orgs within the city the last straw was Joseph publicly posting pictures of the family members holding firearms to a public forum and getting us raided, he received a punishment of demotion that both Kenny and Blair couldn't agree on option 1 was to be demoted to a Made Man (1 rank below) or down to Enforcer (2 ranks below) and $2Million so Blair and Kenny gave Joseph the option to choose and of course he chose option 1, but this led joseph to feel disregarded and disrespected to the family and he went on extended LoA from the family soon after, towards the end of Josephs LoA he started growing closer to a close and smaller family, the Spartano Family and as he grew close to them his relationship with his blood family strained more and more to the point of him leaving his family, stealing from the family armoury and renouncing his McReary name, his birth right to be next inline to run the McReary family. Joseph ends up cutting all contact off with his father, uncle, and the rest of his blood family. this led to a war between the McReary family and the Spartano family. there was bloodshed on both sides of the war. a few of the McRearys associates were getting picked off 1 by 1, then Zach Spartano got caught by himself, and he was the first causality of the Spartano family, then followed Joseph himself, Blair was showing his associates the ropes of the mob life when they stumbled into him, although he tried to play it off that he (Joseph) had no idea what Blair was on about Blair knew it was him by his face and arm tattoos, as well as the number plate of Josephs vehicle. Blair had to put him down so he took him to the grape seed docks and shot Joseph in the chest and watched his son stagger back and slip and fall into the alamo sea, as josephs body slowly sank to the bottom facing Blair, a tear ran down his face he had to appear strong to his associates that loyalty is key to family life and that even blood doesn't equal loyalty. Blair and Kenny didn't take the win as they should have, they wanted revenge for the rest of their family that had suffered for something that they weren't even a part of, so they kept hunting the Spartanos and found an Ex McReary member by the name of Santa, took him hostage and took him away took his clothes and killed him to send the picture of a McReary in the Spartano suit with a McReary mask on next to a dead Spartano members body with the caption, "Christmas came early".

Blair and Kenny then kept hunting which led to the eventual demise in an ambush but before they went down they also took out the Don of the Spartanos (Jackie Spartano) in a violent blood bath. but with all the Bosses of both families being sent to the ICU Blair had one thing that he wanted to do before he could finally let Joseph go, so he sent Jackie Spartano an email to have a father-to-father talk about being able to say goodbye to his son one last time and Jackie said they will work it out, at sundown, Jackie called Blair and said do you want to have this chat with Joey, Blair, of course, said yes but not trusting of Jackie, Blair had set up his guys around his compound and just as well that they did because when Joey, Jackie, and another Spartano Henchman got out of the car they were all holding 2 handers, that wasn't the agreement, this wasn't what this was about there was then talk of returning the Spartano suit for the McReary family car, once that had taken place Blair still wanted to speak to his son alone so he said put your hands up you are all surrounded, but the 3 spartanos pulled and were all instantly shot down. that led to Blair speaking to Josephs's lifeless body announcing to him and all around that that was the end of his life as a McReary. upon waking up from ICU Joseph was presented with the form to change his name to Joseph Spartano, and with him waking up with amnesia he had no idea who he was or what had happened so he took the offer and became officially adopted into the Spartano family.

With an empty hole in Blair and Kenny's hearts and their home of Infinity starting to feel less and less like home, they soon set their eyes towards the City of Lucid (Aus) where they bumped into some old friends in mirror park and early on set their eyes on Sandy Shores once again, to once more make it their home.

that is the up-to-date story of Blair McReary as of 27/12/2022

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