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Toni Rae


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Brand NEW to city life, Toni Rae is an aspiring auto technician with an even bigger dream to one day race cars and repair them. Before these big city dreams, Toni grew up with a simple, blue-collar, hard-working father and a mother who worked just as hard to provide for their small little family. Being an only child, her parents taught her all she knows, from shooting guns to repairing cars and what not. She grew up knowing that it takes hard work to get any kinda place in this world, so she set out to make that happen for herself. 

Lucid City will be just the place to find some work at a cool local shop, figure the city is full of cars, so a perfect place to build up as a female in the automotive technician world. Toni is also planning to find work part-time as well, to earn extra cash, that city life a'int cheap! She is hoping to maybe find some bar tending on the side, something to stay busy while keeping a clean record, if possible! Because Toni is also a lover of street racing, and thinks once she can afford a decent car, maybe trying out the racing life too. She knows the busy city will be full of work, so she is ready to get to work! Not exactly looking to build a crazy empire or join a club, just hoping to build a small little home in this beautiful new city! While making some friends along the way! 


Excited for the new adventures awaiting Toni Rae

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