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Street Kingz

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   The Street Kings is a street gang originating from Chicago's O-Block, also known as Chi-Raq for its violent nature and way of life in the streets. With more criminals than law enforcement and more crackheads than streetlights, O-Block is home to some of the most dangerous and ruthless criminals running the streets.  In 1966, in order to help increase recruitment and counteract threats from other gangs, David Barksdale created the “Black Disciples Nation,” which helped boost recruitment numbers into the thousands.  Barksdale's goal was to claim small gangs around the area and turn them into factions of the Disciples. Originally running under the BD nation, the Street Kings specialized in various forms of criminal activities from; street fighting & street racing, illegal gambling & smuggling, manufacturing and distribution of firearms as well as drugs, to extortion & money laundering. The Street Kings are easily distinguishable by their iced-out O-Block chain across their necks.

   After the incarnation, and death of the founding father in the late 1900's the BD nation started to drift apart due to the ideological differences which led to the creation of two distinct factions: the "Black Disciples" and the "Street Kings." This brought about a rivalry between these two gangs, as there was bloodshed in the streets immediately after they were created.  Decades after a long-fought war, the Street Kings claimed O-block and the rest of Chicago from their enemies laying down sprays across the city claiming their turf.

   Ever since the Street Kings have been looking to expand their territory and resources to take over another city.  With word in the streets being that Lucid City has such a lucrative economy with easy access to drugs and guns, they have deployed some of their highest-ranking bosses and most trustworthy soldiers to set up this new branch for the gang. They intend to grow into a dominant power in the city running the streets, controlling businesses, and demanding respect from anyone who opposes them.  Fighting for turf, power, and respect among the more well-known gangs already inhabiting Lucid City's neighborhoods the Street Kings will be stopped for nothing having that "Get down or lay down" mentality to make a stamp with their name on the city's streets.

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