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Jack With Introduction


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Jack With A young man who grew up in a poverty stricken Area In South London, His Mum Sonia  Was A single Parent Due to Jack's dad being shot dead when he was he was walking home from work. After this he changed he was naughty at school and by the time he was 13 he was selling drugs for one of the biggest drugs in south London, The Beckton Black Squad.

His Mother Believed He had a job at a constructing sight, Well that's what young Jack has Told His poor mum.

2 years later Jack's is 15 and His house was raided at 3AM, He was arrested and so was his mother, As Jack had a large amount of class A drugs.

Jack was taken into care and his mother was charged for possession of a class A drug with intent to supply.

After serving 4 Years in HMP Pentonville Women's Prison, Jack's Mum was finally Released. Jack was Very high in the Beckton Black Squad And he was planning to leave his criminal life and move to lucid with his mother when she got out that was all going to plan until when they was driving to the airport 4 young men on mopeds shot and the car 2 bullets hit Emma and she sadly passes he took her to the hospital but she didn't make it, He left London And moved to lucid and Is Now living in a 1 storey apartment In lucid, Waiting to get back into the Criminal Life. I hope to see you soon goodbye for now


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