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Dave Johnson's Lucid Airline Application

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What is your Steam profile link?



How many hours do you have on Lucid and / or FiveM?

174on lucid


What is your Discord username?



How old are you?



What is the name of your character?

Dave Johnson


How old is the character you are applying with?



What is the phone number of the character you are applying with?



What is the background of your character?

just a guy trying to get by and get the most of his life and life it like he want


What are your previous jobs and / or current affiliations?

experience at burgershot, imports


Why do you want to be a pilot?

Because benefits of being a pilot is you can expect a hugely rewarding career. From taking your first solo flight, completing your first landing, flying to a new destination to overcoming challenges, every day is rewarding as a pilot.


What makes you different from other individuals that are applying?

friendly, know different languages, alot of flighing experience,


What kind of experience do you have related to flight and piloting?

i have alot of flighing experience. Aranging from tricks to simple flighing. I know how to do every thing needed to fligh perfecty.


How active can you be a week?



Any additional questions?

Do you like cheese?

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