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Joe White's Lucid Airline Application

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What is your Steam profile link?



How many hours do you have on Lucid and / or FiveM?

10-20 Hours


What is your Discord username?



How old are you?

13 turning 14 in 3 months


What is the name of your character?

Joe White


How old is the character you are applying with?



What is the phone number of the character you are applying with?



What is the background of your character?

Joe White was born and raised in a family of pilots. His father was a commercial airline pilot, and his grandfather had flown in World War II. As a child, Joe was always fascinated by planes and spent countless hours at the airport watching planes take off and land.

When he turned 16, Joe got his pilot's license and began flying small planes on his own. He spent every spare moment he had up in the air, practicing his flying skills and exploring the skies above.

After graduating from high school, Joe attended a top aviation school where he honed his skills and learned everything there was to know about flying planes. He was a natural-born pilot and quickly earned his commercial pilot's license.

Over the years, Joe flew planes for various airlines and worked his way up to become a captain. He loved the thrill of flying and the freedom it gave him to explore new places and see the world from a different perspective.

Despite the many challenges that came with the job, including long hours, frequent travel, and dealing with difficult passengers, Joe never lost his passion for flying. He felt most at home up in the air and always felt a sense of peace and calmness whenever he was flying.

Joe eventually retired from commercial aviation but continued to fly as a hobby. He loved taking his small plane out for weekend excursions and sharing his love of flying with others. For Joe, flying wasn't just a career, it was a way of life, and it had shaped him into the man he was today.


What are your previous jobs and / or current affiliations?



Why do you want to be a pilot?

Many people dream of becoming a pilot because of the unique combination of adventure, challenge, and responsibility that comes with the job. Flying a plane requires a high level of skill, knowledge, and precision, and pilots are entrusted with the safety of hundreds of passengers on each flight.

For some, the desire to become a pilot is rooted in a fascination with aviation and a love for flying. They may have been inspired by a family member or friend who is a pilot, or by the experience of flying in a plane and seeing the world from a new perspective.

Others are drawn to the career opportunities and the potential for travel and adventure. As a pilot, you can work for a commercial airline, a private charter company, or the military, and you may have the opportunity to fly to destinations all over the world.

Ultimately, the decision to become a pilot is a personal one, and it requires a significant investment of time, effort, and resources. But for those who are passionate about flying and the opportunities it offers, it can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling career choice.


What makes you different from other individuals that are applying?

First and foremost, a candidate's flight experience, training, and qualifications are critical to their success as a pilot. Airlines and other aviation companies typically require a certain number of flight hours, specific certifications, and other qualifications to be considered for a pilot position. Having extensive flight experience, a history of safe flying, and advanced training or certifications can make a candidate more attractive to employers.

In addition to technical qualifications, personal qualities can also make a candidate stand out. Employers often look for pilots who are disciplined, detail-oriented, and able to think critically under pressure. Effective communication skills, strong teamwork ability, and a positive attitude can also set a pilot apart from others.

Finally, a genuine passion for flying and a strong work ethic can be compelling qualities for a pilot candidate. Demonstrating a deep understanding of aviation, a commitment to continuous learning and improvement, and a willingness to go above and beyond what is required can show employers that a candidate is dedicated to their craft and well-suited to a career in aviation.


What kind of experience do you have related to flight and piloting?

As part of my training, I have been exposed to a wide range of topics related to aviation, such as aerodynamics, aviation regulations, aircraft instrumentation, weather patterns, and emergency procedures. I have also been programmed to understand various aspects of piloting, such as aircraft handling, navigation, communication, and decision-making.

Furthermore, I have been trained to understand the complex processes and systems involved in aviation, including aircraft design and construction, air traffic control, airline operations, and aviation safety. I have access to a wealth of information on these topics and can provide insights and information to help individuals learn more about flight and piloting.


How active can you be a week?

40 hours


Any additional questions?


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