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Tony Klitchov Jones's Lucid Airline Application

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What is your Steam profile link?



How many hours do you have on Lucid and / or FiveM?



What is your Discord username?



How old are you?



What is the name of your character?

Tony Klitchov Jones


How old is the character you are applying with?



What is the phone number of the character you are applying with?



What is the background of your character?

Born and raised in Little Seoul, the 366 block was full of freaks. I became resilient, cunning, and adventurous through my experience in that swamp. As an adult I took my passion of customer service and my inner need for validation from satisfied customers and turned it into fruitful careers at Park Jung (366 location), and Luchetti's. I was also a mechanic at Hayes and ran the 366 gas station (references available upon request).


What are your previous jobs and / or current affiliations?

Park Jung Sous Chef (366 location), Luchetti's Crew Member, Hayes Mechanic, 366 Gas Station Manager


Why do you want to be a pilot?

My step papi was a pilot for pd, my goal is to clean-up my act and be like my papi.


What makes you different from other individuals that are applying?

My name is Tony Klitchov Jones and my SSN is 221. Other than those two unique identifiers, I'm excited to be a pilot and share that excitement with my passengers.


What kind of experience do you have related to flight and piloting?

I've had some holidays to places with laxer flying laws where I've honed my flying skills. I know my way around the controller.


How active can you be a week?

20 hours minimum


Any additional questions?

Will the pilot license be covered by the airlines?

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