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Arnold Buckets's Lucid Airline Application


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What is your Steam profile link?



How many hours do you have on Lucid and / or FiveM?

lucid 211 fivm 641


What is your Discord username?



How old are you?



What is the name of your character?

Arnold Buckets


How old is the character you are applying with?



What is the phone number of the character you are applying with?



What is the background of your character?

He come from a small town called paleto and ever since he was a little boy he always wanted to become a pilot but he could get a pilots license and so he started working at fortune auto


What are your previous jobs and / or current affiliations?

currently fortune auto and before 3030 24/7


Why do you want to be a pilot?

as i enjoy flying in normal gta and have flown in other citys as i found enjoyment form flying people around and helping people get to where they want or need to be


What makes you different from other individuals that are applying?

i am very kind hearted and always willing to help others and i dont try start any beef


What kind of experience do you have related to flight and piloting?

in 3 other citys that have closed down and have flown alot in normal gta


How active can you be a week?

35 hours min


Any additional questions?


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