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White suits

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Origins and Foundation: The White Suits trace their origins back to a group of immigrants who arrived in Lucid City seeking a better life. However, the city's dark allure quickly ensnared them, and they found themselves navigating a world of crime and intrigue. Determined to carve their own path, these men formed the White Suits, adopting a code of honor and secrecy reminiscent of the old-world mob.

Code of Omertà: The White Suits are bound by a strict code of silence. Members pledge absolute loyalty and vow to keep their organization's secrets. They believe that honor among thieves is paramount, and betraying their own is met with harsh consequences.

Hierarchy: The White Suits operate under a hierarchical structure, with a Godfather at the helm, followed by underbosses, consiglieres, and caporegimes who oversee various criminal enterprises. Members advance through the ranks based on loyalty, competence, and their ability to keep the organization's interests intact.

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