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Andy heads to the Big City!


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Andy lived on a small farm and was raised by their drunkard Uncle since they were 7. See their parents died in a plane crash when they were a little kid and was left with their uncle and older brother. Their Uncle wasn't abusive but he was also not the best caretaker. Andy grew up wishing they had a different life. Learning to hunt was something they were good at and eventually it became a loving pass time. Nature is Beautiful isn't it.... one day Andy's brother left for the big city leaving them alone well they were in high school. He kept in contact with Andy and told stories about the big city and all it had to offer. Until one day he stopped calling. Andy was left with heart ache and sadness as worry set in. Andy had changed so much over the past 5 years after high-school. There Uncle passed from drinking to much so they were left the house. Selling the house, getting a bucket of Bolts for a car and getting a new wardrobe Andy finally got the courage to head into the city to figure out what happen to their brother. 



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