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The return of "SumTin Wong"

The bustling streets of Lucid City, where neon signs flicker and street vendors sell their wares. Enter SUMTIN WONG, whose vibrant attire is a stark contrast to the surrounding urban landscape. With an air of mystery and confidence, SumTin Wong steps forward, catching the attention of passersby, but that's not all, you see. Behind the scenes, in the shadowy corners of this city, there are whispers of a different kind. Whispers of the Hong Kong & Vietnamese triads, the masters of intrigue and illusion. Some might call it a dangerous game, but for SumTin Wong, it's just another layer of the sumptuous tapestry that is life.

"Ah, Lucid City, you might think you've seen it all, but you've never witnessed the spectacle that is SumTin Wong. Now, my dear friends, allow me to peel back a layer of the enigma that is my existence. You see, beneath this flamboyant exterior lies a connection, a tie that binds me to the very heart of this city."


"Ah, Park Jung, the restaurant that whispers secrets to the night. The aromas of sizzling stir-fries and savory dumplings waft through the air, carrying with them tales of ancient recipes and hidden alliances. Yes, my friends, I am not just a culinary enthusiast; I am also a bearer of secrets, a guardian of flavors, and a confidant to the chefs of Park Jung."


"So, dear friends, as I embark on my culinary escapades within the hallowed kitchens of Park Jung, I do so with a flair for the dramatic, a sprinkle of mystery, and a pinch of danger. Who knows what adventures await us behind those kitchen doors? One thing's for sure – with SumTin Wong involved, it's bound to be a recipe for excitement!"

Sumtin Wong might be a master of flavor, but even he needs the right papers to weave my magic in Lucid City. The bureaucratic hurdles have led him down a path less traveled, into the depths of the unknown. He needs the immigration expertise and connections in the shadows, to help secure his immigration and visa papers since the deportation a year ago.


Click Here for Immigrations and Visa Papers Application Link for LCRP 2.0 Admins access only

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"FaceTime/Video Call Interaction with Park Jung Owner"

Park Jung Owner (folding arms, stern expression):
"SumTin Wong, your enthusiasm for the art of sushi is commendable, but even the most exquisite roll requires the right paperwork. We cannot overlook the legalities. Work permits are not to be taken lightly."

Sumtin Wong (nervously, but determined):
"Park Jung Owner, I assure you, my passion for sushi knows no bounds, and I am willing to go to great lengths to obtain the necessary permits. I've got a team of experts working on it. We're exploring every avenue, every possibility."

[Park Jung Owner sighs, seeing the sincerity in SumTin Wong's eyes but still apprehensive about the complications.]

Park Jung Owner (softening slightly): 
"SumTin Wong, I've heard whispers of your culinary talents, your creativity in the kitchen. But without the proper permits, our hands are tied. Lucid City is a city of rules, even in the realm of flavors."

[SumTin Wong, undeterred, rallies their spirits, ready to face the bureaucratic challenge head-on.]

Sumtin Wong (determined)
"Park Jung Owner, I understand the importance of rules, but I believe that where there's a will, there's a way. With your permission, I will continue to work on obtaining the permits. I won't rest until I can bring the sumptuous flavors of SumTin Wong to the tables of Park Jung."

[Park Jung Owner studies Sumtin Wong for a moment, sensing the genuine determination and passion.]

Park Jung Owner (nodding)
"Very well, SumTin Wong. Your tenacity is admirable. I will give you a chance. Continue your efforts to secure the permits. If you can prove your dedication and resolve, Park Jung might just welcome you into its culinary family."

[With a grateful smile, SumTin Wong bows deeply to the Park Jung Owner on facetime, their determination stronger than ever. The challenge ahead is daunting, but SumTin Wong faces it with a fiery spirit, ready to overcome any obstacle in their quest to bring their unique blend of flavors to the patrons of Park Jung and, ultimately, to the heart of Lucid City.]


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