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Running from the past


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Ulrick VonDirk, widely known as "Riptide", was born and raised in the heart of Eclipse City's bustling streets, raised by a family deeply rooted in the city's working-class neighborhoods. From a young age, Ulrick exhibited an extraordinary talent for problem-solving and a natural charisma that drew people toward him.

Growing up in a community struggling with economic hardships, Ulrick became adept at navigating the challenges of urban life. He was a resourceful and street-smart individual who understood the value of connections and alliances in a city where survival often depended on one's ability to adapt and thrive.

As a teenager, Ulrick's natural affinity for speed and mechanics led him into the world of street racing. He became renowned for his skill behind the wheel, earning the nickname "Riptide" due to his ability to maneuver through traffic like a force of nature, leaving opponents trailing in his wake.

Driven by a desire to provide a better life for his family and himself, Ulrick took on various odd jobs, utilizing his mechanical expertise to fix up and modify cars. His resourcefulness and knack for staying under the radar allowed him to establish a small but loyal clientele within the city's racing circuit.

Despite his involvement in the underground racing scene, Ulrick maintained a strict code of ethics, avoiding unnecessary violence and striving to keep innocent bystanders out of harm's way. He prided himself on being a man of his word, earning respect from both allies and rivals for his integrity in a world where trust 
was a rare commodity.

After an incident where one of the cars he modified for a mob boss exploded, Ulrick and his family were put into danger. The mob boss was relentless in his pursuit to make Ulrick pay for the accident. Unfortunately, no one would help Ulrick in his time of need, so his only option was to try to find a new life that would keep his family safe. Not taking this decision lightly, Ulrick picked up his family and moved them into Lucid City hoping to escape his past. He understands that this will impact everything for them, but its for the best (hopefully). 

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