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    Mickey Bobinsky grew up in the gritty outskirts of a small industrial town, where life wasn't always kind. His childhood was marked by tragedy when his parents, struggling with addiction themselves, succumbed to a fatal overdose when Mickey was just a teenager. Left orphaned and alone, Mickey found solace in the wrong crowd.

   Desperate to escape the harsh reality of his circumstances, Mickey turned to drugs as a means of coping with his grief and loneliness. It was a seemingly harmless escape for him, that gradually evolved into a way to numb the pain. The local drug scene became both a refuge and a means of survival for him.

    As the years went by, Mickey developed street smarts and a keen sense of self-preservation. With a deep-seated distrust of authority and a burning desire to control his own destiny, he turned to the trade industry of illegal goods. To maintain a facade of normalcy, Mickey found a day job as a delivery driver. He chose a beat-up SUV with a faded paint job, and a leaky exhaust – a vehicle that blended in seamlessly with the blue-collar surroundings of his hometown. Mickey became known as the reliable guy who always delivered on time, both with packages and his illicit goods.

   Despite his involvement in the drug trade, Mickey remains haunted by the memories of his traumatic childhood. The smell of marijuana and the hum of the van's engine serve as constant reminders of the past he can't escape. The duality of his life, balancing the mundane routine of a delivery driver with the danger of his illegal side hustle, creates a complex character in Mickey Bobinsky

– a man shaped by tragedy and driven by the need to survive in a world that has shown him little mercy.


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