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Dr. Franklin C. Gibbler, M.D., Ph.D

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My name is Dr. Franklin C. Gibbler, M.D., Ph.D. I attended THE University of North Andres for my undergrad education and developed an affinity for medicine and pushing the limits of the human body. My thirst for knowledge drove me to pursue a medical degree and doctorate degree simultaneously at Polumbo University with a concentration in bionics and physiology.

Unfortunately, I pushed the limits of the human body too far and broke my hippocratic oath during my final surgery while trying to reconstruct a patients arm using leftover chainsaw parts. My negligence caused an innocent man to suffer for the rest of his life. That man is my brother.

I fled the place I once called home in search of a better life in Lucid City and to leave my family behind. I will never practice medicine again, but instead quench my thirst for power by becoming the de facto authority in the structure of the criminal world.

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