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Once standing mighty above an entire city, one death caused the collapse of an entire Family whos reign was benevolent but iron fisted. Who's death, you ask? My father whos name will remain hidden for various reasons. We, which includes myself Gbrick Santibrag (the oldest at 29) and my two brothers Calli and Dave Santibrag, have made our way to the great city of Los Santos rather uneventfully. Once we landed from our flight we was greeted with the usual big city smell and fell, the sound of bustling cars, gun shots in the distant, people yelling on street corners, and the oh so common but yet despised police sirens. While taking in the scenery and slowly driving around the city to get our bearings there was another feeling swelling up in my inner core. This feeling was one that would bring quite a bit of sweat, tears, and if taken to the extreme... even blood. The oh so sweet feeling of accession sprinkled lightly with a bit of apprehension. We looked at each other in the freshly rented black sedan and instantly knew, this.. would be our new home.

Everyone knew what our Family was about where we came from. Any member of the main Family branch walking the streets would generate buzz in itself, not like the Celebrity buzz.. but one of whispers wondering if something big was going to happen. People would whisper "Should we leave the area?", "Who fucked up now?", "Yo, look away its the Santibrag Family". We had respect, power, and where needed fear.. all though we reserve the use of fear as all leaders who have ruled with fear have been overthrown in gruesome manors. With this being said, arriving in a new unexplored city to us, we had a feeling of refreshment! We could be ANYTHING, we can do ANYTHING! You see, options were pretty limited for those of us in the main Family branch. I won't get into the all the options for fairly obvious reasons, but I will list a few; candy running, distribution of chrome, and the scrapping of "un-needed" vehicles. This would become a new start, a breath of fresh air sort of speak.

Our first goal was to get a foothold in the city, A HOUSE! As the police had seized our assets due to the collapsing of our core, we were left with the clothes on our back and a phone. We had to work fast, however something amazing was happening. STIMMY CHECK BABY! Quickly we procured these funds and came up with a plan. One that was neither devious or cunning, but rather usual. Find some "legal" work, i say "legal" because im fairly certain the health standards at this chicken factory were severely lacking, add our funds together at the end of the week and buy a house. This would become our base of operations, and the resurgent of the Santibrag Family.



Thanks for reading!

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