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Liam Ronalds


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Liam Ronalds


Liam was born in a complicated family, he had a hard time getting through school and not the best relationship with his dad. Very rarely was he given the chance to be able to socialise with friends.


Year 2016 is when he graduated as a Senior from New Haven High School, same year both of his Parents died in a car crash. Liam was forced to move on to a Community College in Liberty City, he had no money, all inheritance from his parents was given to his brother. His Brother is an alcoholic, spends all his money on drugs and alcohol, rarely checks up on his little brother. 


Liam needed something new in his life, this is why he packed his bag with his old High School clothes and used the little money he earned from working at a Coffee Shop during College to fly to Lucid City. Here he is now, full of ambition, ready to change his life around. 

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