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Blood Rose Mafia

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The Blood Rose Mafia Is a up and coming mafia in the city our goal in city is to spread chaos between everyone in the city excluding ems from the chaos we are trying to be at the top with respect money and members if we have a problem we fix it no matter what you may ask yourself why would i even think of joining a mafia well our answer to that is we have very good connections with gun runners and drug runners you need something or someone we will stop at no one to get them (unless they are a alliance with the mafia) other then that we cause terror to the people we deem are rude enough to our members or the goku's we even have the horse that was running for mayor in this but if you want to even try to join i can say this if you need the mafia's emails its :XBu6ZVSd to join our emails so feel fry to give it a go and join us only if you want to :)

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