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Legacy Lucas Prime


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Originally from Vice City Lucas was the kind of kid who always looked up to his parents. They were both Officers in the VCPD and his father was even promoted to Commander. Lucas Was proud of his family till one day his mother made Deputy Chief. Instead of it being a moment of celebration it became a nightmare for Lucas. The father feeling emasculated took it out on his son without anyone ever noticing.

Despite what happen behind closed doors Lucas went on to graduating High School top of his class and even even found a love interest. He first introduced his Boyfriend to his mother who accepted her son, the father had disowned him. Already bitter with his father decided it was time to leave home and found himself a place in Little Havana within Vice City borders. He worked as a mechanic, while his love interest worked as EMS. They were happy.

One fated day a bank robbery was taking place. A joint operation was called from his parents precinct and local nearby precinct along with EMS first responders and fire teams. That day was a day Lucas would never forget. When it was all over Lucas got a call and to his horror he found out that his love interest lost his life in the field along with his hated father. 

Lucas would soon later burry his love interest with only a few friends would attend. While his father would receive a heroic funeral with everyone in attendance, leaving him with a sour taste in his mouth knowing the monster he really is. First chance he got, he book the first available flight with whatever money he had left. Next he knew he found himself in Lucid City where now he has to make a decision. follow his families legacy or resent it with a normal life or filled with crime........  

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