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Manny Morales

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The chronicles of Manny Morales


For any person who lives in a little province in a country in Southeast Asia his whole life, it is hard to adjust on different scenarios like culture, character backgrounds, and environments.

Enter Manny. A rustic, middle-aged fisherman having forced to relocate to find a better haven for him and his family. But because they are poor, he needs to sacrifice and face this task alone. Like all of his fellow countrymen, finding work abroad and adapting to the environment, however advanced it may be for his eyes, is a must.

Being a fisherman is one of many of Manny's experience in life growing up. He experienced school, although, hasn't finished. Worked at an early age, but he got fired for a number of reasons, rational or not. And got in a series of shenanigans, because of peer pressure.

His country may be one of the poorest, but that place would make anyone as tough as tough gets. And as Manny would carry on his experience in this adventure, surely the sky is the limit for him.


But how would he handle Los Santos? That remains to be seen...

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