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Gary Thorpe


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Gary was raised by both his mother and father on the south side of town. He grew up around gangs and violence but never chose that way of life. He was the quite kid in the neighborhood and only had one friend. Gary is very smart and but never used it in school. He got of out of Highscool barely passing. After Highschool him and his only friend Bill looked for work. They both got a job working construction for his father. Through the years Bill got hooked on meth but continued to work for his father while Gary saved up enough money to buy his own convenience store. One night Bill and Gary got together to watch some football and catch up. Bill smoked meth in Gary's bathroom at his apartment and Gary was not very happy. They got into an altercation and Gary ended up murdering him. Gary did not know what to do but he felt a feeling he had never felt before and he loved it. Even though he had just murdered his life long friend he had a great rush going through his body. He once saw on a tv show that a murderer chopped up his victim, put the parts in a bag and threw him in the ocean. That is exactly what Gary did to Bill. Now that Gary had murderd someone he felt the need to do it again. So about a week later he planned his next murder on a man that he had seen at a bar. The man goes to the bar everynight after he gets off work. Gary went to the bar after his shift and waited for the man. The man came to the bar as he always did, had a few beers and left the bar at around 11PM. Gary was now ready to get his second victim. He followed his car all the way to his appartment and hit him over his head as the man was opening his front door. He was out cold. Gary picked up his limp body and put it in his car and took him back to his appartment. WHere he chopped him up and did the same as he did to his friend.

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