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Is there any thing I can do?


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I recently got banned from Lucid City Discord and its server While I was live on Twitch. ( in that day I was in the servers I really enjoyed it, everyone was nice, no fail rp nothing, I was so surprised and shock and I would rate it 20/10. I got banned for my twitter being TOS and my friends made it as a joke when it was made. So here's what happened, I was in the discord general chat and I was just talking, no arguments nothing just vibing. All of a sudden some on says @ChoiceJakeNice Twitter. so I didn't reply but I was thinking the in game twitter (I'm a dumbass). Then that one comment Made everyone look at my twitter. At the time I thought I had my Twitch twitter linked so I thought nothing of it. Then every one was like TAKE THAT DOWN, BAN HIM etc. and I don't know what was going on. so I asked what twitter acct r u looking at? and no one would tell me, until some one said look at your connections. When I looked I was in shook and I knew I f'ed Up. I had the wrong account linked for who knows how long and I never knew. So I IMMEDIETLY turn off my twitter connection and they were making jokes like I'm the next edp etc. so I say I'm 15 lmao they are wayyyyyy older than me in the videos so how is would I get banned for older people on my twitter. And they were still going through my twitter even though I unlinked it, so I talked to @  AngryTaco and he said it was highly inappropriate, and he's gonna get opinions from the higher up to unban me or not. so I load into the server to go in and within 10 min I got banned in game, so I go to the discord and ask, Why was I banned from the Five M Server? then as soon as I sent That message, boom banned. and then the instigator who made all of this happened dmed me on discord. he was asking me for info on the pictures and the back story and a whole lotta stuff. and he Dmes me more like were friends because he got me banned. and then he said (like your not to smart man I can take the name "snaps" and find them on snap and if I wanted to say(well you got your life lesson of the day lol, lmao your lucky if the cops don't get involved, just don't be a retard and maybe you wont get fucked idk)  and I just couldn't stand it anymore and I joined one my the first servers I ever joined to play. And a admin wanted to talk to me because we can relate, he has a terrible time in school and he came out of his shell for me and I told him my age and no one else within 20 min I get Muted. and I took that rp serious and I had millions of dollars in that server too. I never fail Rp, i never RDM i don't do nothing. So i went to the unban forums and i got denied because of my twitter. I'm younger yes but I take Rp very serious. and to get banned from my 2 favorite servers by far, I'm honestly just going to quit Five M. There's no fun in playing Five M if you cant Do a serious rp That's enjoyable and free that you can really enjoy and have a good time in. Is there anything i can do really to try and get unbanned even though its unbannable? if there is please tell me because I hate Playing Fornite and, Cod alone because I barely have no friends any more. In rp you can interact with new people and thats why i love rp. so if theres anything I can do Pls Reply or send me a dm on discord

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