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Ryan Maverick

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Ryan is a very lawful person who will always try to stick by his own manners. He believes that rules are the valid way to regulate human behavior and isn't bound to break them in any case to act as "an example" of what a good citizen can be. This will make him take all kinds of decisions for the good or bad. Even though he mostly would not hang out with people who are involved in crime, he sometimes feels an urge to try to "change" those people and show them the bad that they could be doing.

He has not decided on a vocation, but as lawful as he would seem to be, being a lawyer hasn't been his choice for as long as he can remember. He would love to have a stable life, all while working from the bottom and staying in law upon his development as a citizen and person. He likes the idea of there being a cop unit, but upon watching any kind of corruption he would get out of this way to try to make it clear that at least on what he knows, that kind of behavior is wrong.

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