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Rogue X

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Hey there, my name is Rogue X, 28 years old, they/them. I've been on the lookout for a new city to live in and make a new life for myself for some time now, and this one sounds like just the place. The last place I lived I stayed on the down low quite a bit, until things went south. I used to be a programmer, but started to dabble in the life of a hacker, which might explain my caffeine and nicotine addictions to help keep me sane in the process. I would usually take on white hat jobs for companies, and other jobs that are a bit more discrete. My last big job I went on didn't go exactly as planned, and my home was raided along with my computer being seized, but luckily I was able to make it out in time and wipe enough of the data to clean my trail. So now I'm here, I spent most of my money to get out of that shit hole, but I'm ready to see what this place has to offer. I'm excited to meet some new faces and make connections to work my way up (wherever that may lead me). Thanks for having me, and stay safe out there.

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