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Jamal (Jam) Kevin


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As a kid I always wanted to be rich, I grew up in the hood where poverty was common with 2 younger twin brothers. As a teenager, I ended up forming a gang with all my chilhood friends. When it came to highschool, all my boys didn't care about their future, they just wanted to stick to the streets. Me on the other hand, I knuckled down and got A Grades and B Grades, giving myself an escape route in case any complications formed in our gang. You see, I was the brains of the gang, the one to make the hard decisions, the leader. As the years flew by, we were killing the game, making money and running the neighbourhood. However, all good things come to a end eventually and before it could happen to me, I got out of that lifestyle and moved to LucidCity, for a fresh start whilst all my homies got locked up or ended up dead. Now here I am, ready to take the City by storm, and get myself to the TOP like I always dreamt of.

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