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Am SLAVAK, hello bratya!

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familySlavak meAm Slavak,

Am from russia,

I do service for country 3 years as all have to army. My father pfather 90sowerful men banker of Gazprom I work for him, have good time in nineties working for Gazprom as banker also, I leave Russia because bad people my father Vor mafia and want me to do also this but I make good Rubel have a mercedes W140 woman of many kind no problem but I leave as FSB is serious problem, many shoot no question so u know I leave all mercedes and things to escape mafia life and father its no fun no more of this life and banker. I start new life, here in amerika. I have heard story of the certain family in amerika success, perhaps hope for me also. first thing i want do is have drink of arrive celebrate and buy mercedes! Za Ameriku bratya !


- from Slavak


yours best,

🇷🇺 🤝 🇺🇸



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