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Don Cheatem, Esq. - A Redemption Story

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I am - well, I was....privileged, rich and married.  Now, I am none of those things. 

My name was prophetic - but it was my wife who lived out the prophecy...with my best friend and law partner of 25 years.  Together they swindled me for everything I was worth, which was substantial.   Fast forward to the present, and a ghost stands before you.   A decrepit ghost of the influential, respected attorney I once was.   

Yesterday, on the fifth anniversary of the start of my plummet into poverty and obscurity, I awoke to a powerful realization.  I came from nothing before.  For the first time in many years, I felt that fire in my belly that roared since the day I graduated from law school.  If it takes me the rest of my life, I don't care - I will rise from nothing once again


Don remains a skilled lawyer.  He is moving to Lucid City a single, mid-40s man, with no contacts, no job and no money.  No longer a senior partner in a top business law firm, Don must recreate himself to begin his redemption journey.  Swallowing his pride, Don will chase ambulances, defend heinous criminals or architect crooked business deals for gangs and crime families - whatever it takes...he will rise again to the top.

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