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Sam Paisan

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Name: Sam

Age: 25

Personality: Shy, honest, kind, helpful and sometimes clueless

Description: I was born in Lithuania, Europe (not IRL), I was living a sad childhood, my father was a drunk guy, he abused my mother and left her. My mother and I we manage somehow to survive due to her job, she works as a waitress but earns barely enough. The government was happily to pay the studies of mine but after I grow 16 I had to look for a work in order to maintain my studies and to support my mother. 2 years has been past but in the end I manage to finish my high school and entered the college for 3 years. After three years, I was age of 21 and I had a decent job at the supermarket with good salary. My mother was very sick, she had to quit her job due to environment pollution. I manage to support my mother enough for her health but due to debts from the government I had to work really hard to repay. After 4 years, I was 25 and I paid everything for the government, almost everything and in the end, my mother had savings for me. She told me that I should leave this country and move to America, US to find a better opportunities, so I did and my mother said goodbye to me with a smile and hope that her boy will find joy and great life.

Goal: success at work, meeting new people, maybe find love.

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