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Dale Jubilee


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Now, I don't know too much about the city, or it's folk, or even the infrastructure of all those buildings and businesses. I'm just Dale Jubilee. My family grew up farmin' acres of pumpkins out in the country until I decided to break the tradition and move out here, where there can be more opportunity than an annual pumpkin patch. Now I'm tryin' to keep an open mind about all this stuff, but city people are mighty confusing compared to the average pumpkin. There's lots to learn, and lots to discover, an ol' Jubilee here is the guy that's gonna do it all. Dreams of the city? Well, I might just be lookin' to make a quick buck to get myself started. I'm looking to the wind to take me where it needs. That's the Jubilee way, after all. 

Pleasure meetin' you.

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