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IC: His name is Felipe Ferra Gomez, is Mexican who wants to start a new life. 

He had been in jail cause he was drogs seller in tijuana. the priority for him is get money to send it to his family that still living in mexico. but he need to start a new life in a place where even he do not know the language. 
he is pretty mad with the police and their roules that is because he cant get easy money. so the first is step will be find a plce where he could find the way to get dirtymoney and where o who can clean it to send it to his family 

OOC: My name is Fer and I'm from Mexico. I hope you could undestand, I´m learnig and practice my english at the same time, so i think this roleplay could be pretty funny and it could help to know the leanguage.

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