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hola muchachos,

my name is Pablo Rodriguez and I was born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico 🇲🇽, where we fight bulls and drink tequila. im comin to da USA to make mula, in any way shape or form, and im willin to do some very nasty things to make that money, so holla at me chicos 🤑💯💸 . soon, everybody in de city will know my name. mark my palabras, Pablo will rule Lucid City, and he will bring all of his fellow muchachos with him. but right now, im stayin low and makin my way up the chain. you feel me?

my number is 363-418-5791. hit my line if you got some real work for me compadres. 

ill catch yall on the flip.

OOC: Yo, my names Abdullah, or "Zmoshy", and I'm from Saudi Arabia, however my first language is English. I'm looking to have some RP fun on the server and just progress my character in the RP I hope I can find. I'm not into some of the serious stuff I see on the server, I like to keep things light and just have fun while also staying IC, because that's what this is all about. I also want to learn the mechanics of making money, which is the only area I might take a bit more seriously. 

Hope to see ya'll on the server ✌️.



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