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Shadow Marquis

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Hello, my name is Yinying Houjue. I am the son of a former high ranking police officer in China, before my father saw himself as a victim to a political war. He was hunted by the new government and was forced to flee to Germany. We were fine and I grew up well there. I was planning to get into the German's police academy, but my parents died a month ago in a car accident and I found out they told me to take the money in their drawer and go to Lucid City if they're gone, because some of my father's former enemies have connections with some mafia's families in Germany and my life is no longer safe there. So, here I am, trying to start a new clean life in Lucid City. I hope one day I can be a police, continuing my father's legacy.

Oh by the way, to make it easier for you, you can call me Shadow Marquis. I know it's quite a fancy name, but that's the name my father gave me that I want to keep.


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