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My name is Hoshigaki-Ashi (Ho-shi-ga-kee), but my friends & family call me Hoshi. I was born in a small village outside of Tokyo, Japan called Nikko. At a very young age to young my father had received an amazing opportunity for work that he couldn't refuse, but the only catch was we had to move to a place called Lucid city. So off we went, all six of us, Father, Mother, my sister & two brothers (Uri Ashi & Ashi) to a new city with endless possibility's. 

My childhood in the city was just as you would image of any average kids here in Lucid. I had a loving family that did the best they could to provide for me, went to school and would hang with friends in my spare time or find myself in my room messing with my computer trying to learn all I can in programming or coding. But as I got older everything began to seem off about the family, father has becoming unusually paranoid & frantic as well as building a hefty gambling debt, while mother & sister have tried their best to help father in anyway possible but nothing seems to help his slow descent into insanity. My two brothers on the other hand have been out the house on their own for quite sometime now, I haven't heard much from ( Ashi) in all honesty, but I have heard Uri has made a name for himself within the security business working for powerful crime syndicates in the city, as well as some VIP clients. He had told me that was short lived however, only to be forcefully removed due to personal matters. He tells me he is doing just fine however & is getting into some family traditions *whatever that means*. However he has been telling me he could get some potential job deals for me with my knowledge of coding, I may just have to take him up on that offer if no other opportunities come along my way.

But for now I'm focused on getting ready for my first year at Vespucci University for Computer Science & Programming hoping to land a job in Cyber Security, maybe I'll also take this time to help me understand a little more about what my brother meant about "old family traditions". I'll just have to give him a ring.    

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I didn’t know you felt that way brother. I’m sorry I haven’t kept in touch recently, been a very busy man now that I’ve been out on my own. I’ve been thinking about moving back to the city & see the family again. 


*OOC Impressive story, now I just have to figure out how to implement my story to match with you’re & Jimmy’s 

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