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Kano Ashi


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Some of you may already know the history of the family name Ashi, this due to the hard work of my brother (Uri Ashi) who established a well respected security company within the city of Lucid. I’d still like to Introduce myself however, I’m Kano Ashi, the second born of the Ashi family. I’ve went and studied abroad back home in Japan getting my degrees in business and economics. I haven’t really kept up with family to much beside with my mother who would update me on everything happening back home whenever she could spare the time. 

Upon my arrival back home, rumor has it my little brother (Hoshigaki Ashi) graduated from Davis Highschool and is preparing to head of to his first year at Vespucci University to study computer science & programming of all things. *Proud of that Nakkuruheddo*

But however for my oldest brother (Uri Ashi) everything seems strange about him, he wasn’t doing his usual job or every at work it appears now that I mention it? I wonder what he could be up to, hope he is taken care of himself.  

Now you maybe asking what my story has in store for me? Well to be honest on time can tell to write my store. But a few things I do know for sure is that 1. I’m looking to use these degrees I earned to run & operate a well established business within the city & grow as the biggest business mogul *pending store idea* & 2. Reconnect with the family & bring things back to the ol’times 

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