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Yennefer Clark

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name: Yennefer Clark


description: new to Los Santos moved all the way across the pond form the UK to Los Santos arriving at the airport at age 26,  after having enough torment by her now ex partner that scarred her physically and mentally she decided to come to Los Santos to start afresh life  she is pretty much innocent  and will go by her routine wake up at 5am to go for a morning  run before she go's to work  or if shes  unemployed go's some where nice and quite and sketch, if she sees violence or hears shouting she will begin to wimpier and cry  due to her past  eventually she will overcome her past,  she communicates to people by writing things down  and slight sign language.

traits: kind, admires cops due to past events, creative and draws really well form memory, trust worthy, , go's  in a mood when things dont go well, level headed

Weapon: keeps a nonlethal on her  for defense only 




reason to why she only communicates by witting things down and sign language

(I am a mute in real life I cant speak at all I have a noncancerous tumor in the throat preventing my ability to speak working on getting a operation to remove said tumor will update in the future ) 

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