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*This is my opinion and not meant to offend the community in anyway. 

With the community growing by the day, I’ve noticed (or at least haven’t seen) that Lucid doesn’t have many Social Media outlets beside this forums & Discord. 

I believe with the current times & power of social media if Lucids staff team created a Twitter account at the very least to expand its reaches on social media it can reach newer/fresher audience. This way we can see the community we all love thrive & forever growing. This could be great for members who stream or make content as well as the city’s itself. This other individuals to simply “Shoutout” the City bring more attention to it and I’m sure if the Lucid team quotes tweets it or retweets it that would help out the streams with them reaching new viewer for there personal growth as well. 

With all that being said. Thanks for coming to my Ted-Talk hope everyone is enjoying there time in the city, hope to see you all around. 

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Agreed, In today’s age it appears every company/community/etc. needs to have easy, accessible social media accounts. 

I’d highly recommend at the very least looking into getting a Twitter going. I think it would be a great idea to have because it allows loyal & passionate citizens of the city to openly share this great city to the masses, maybe even if the server were to reward maybe some real support of the server who are actively spreading word about the city. 

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