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Scene I:

(scene breaks too the scenic view of Porto, Portugal, 2021 Feb 15- 5:36pm~ sunlight creeps over the capitol skyline with an auburn hue, fiery like an ash tree campfire)

Narrator: we close in on our too protagonist, two men neither too good nor too bad. stricken by poverty through their family lineage. they picked up all types of criminal skills from drug deals too pickpockets. we close in on them finishing a banking outlet robbery after hours. things are quit outside buy the drill stopped working on the last safe in the main office.

Ricardo: I thought you said that that fucking thing was full proof man, no hick ups or malfunctions.

Enrique: I DID! fucking puto behind the bar I bought it from was in a fucking hardware truck and had a card for fuck's sake. I practiced with this thing a hundred times before we came out tonite.

Ricardo: Well shit that's probably what did it right there!

Enrique: No, No, No, I must've over heated it or something...(he said grabbing a silver can of coolant out his slick black duffel bag)

never hurts too be prepared though.

Ricardo: Nice

Enrique: you need too get off my ass boi, you better make sure all those alarms and cameras are off.(he lines it up and prime starts the drill back up)

Ricardo: HaHaHaHa, fuck you i double checked everything, not even a alarm clock left on chico.(he grinned with his armed folded in the doorway)

how much we got so far anyway.

Enrique: enough to get us out of here and this last one should top off that even split we set for when we get too LUCID CITY.

Ricardo: Excellent, I cant believe this was ss....(He stops as he turns too the office door where he can see blue light strobing in  slowly from the hallway, he runs into the hallway full sprint almost tripping out the doorway)

Enrique: ricardo! RICARDO!(he shouted in a whisper). DAMN BENDEJO!(he runs out behind him and follows out front to the lobby where Ricardo is post by  a window he mustve opened a little.)[three policia vehicles sat out front, a sargeant among the six outside steps up with a megaphone.]

SGT. Gustaff: Criminals, me and my men have you pinned in the only entrance too this small banking outlet. trying to run is useless you will be gunned down. surrender and no one will be hurt along with leaniance from the known owner. you tripped one silent alarm you didnt account for!(he snickered)

Ricardo: oh thats legal eh, ja chegou ey chegou, no ones moving chico, you fools take one step closer too this building and ill smoke youre chapado ass.(he makes eye contact with enrique as he pulls out his gun.)

SGT. Gustaff: Very well, You have till I get my commanding orders come in felon. you sit tight in there, HaHaHaHa.

Ricardo: you got too get that last safe open, we gotta get the fuck outta here, now!

Enrique: It should be about done now, ill check it you keep them busy while i think of another exit route.

Ricardo: loud and clear hermano.

(Enrique ran to the office just as the drill was finishing up the last safe, seizing too a halt he grabbed the drill and began packing it. he then pulled open the safe door, revealing many jewel bags, money stacks and a dingy white envelope. he grabbed everything and made his way out the room and through the hall way)

Ricardo:  Is that everything amigo!(he begins creeping closer)

Enrique: Yeah man(he looks down into the bag)[the spoils of their job gleamed from that bag](he looked up to Ricardo's gun coming down into his eye, Enrique fell too the ground with a grunt dropping everything)(Ricardo laughed and kicked him in his rib cage over and over)

Ricardo: thank mate... kick* couldnt have done it without you... kick* but you know alls fair in this game isn't (he pointed the gun at Enrique's face) really woundn't of been able to get that drill to even work for me.

Enrique: Fuck you, you couldnt even do your job right cavaron.

Ricardo: (he dug his gun closer in towards Enrique and cocked it back.) well with all the fucking tech you bought, no wonder, now the policia are here and they only know there's one of us and you got to go amigo Eu sinto Muito.

Enrique: yeah and how do you plan to get out of here el burro!

(Ricardo moves in closer and presses the cold steel of his gun into Enrique bruising eye) Well tech man I actually mapped out this place, and it  has a ventilation system that runs straight out too the back alley where the car is parked. I was keeping that tidbit for myself.

Enrique:(enrique struggles too one knee and grunts with his head down) well look at that!

Ricardo: WHAT! Trash!(he snarls)

Enrique: You did Do something right(he laughs looking up into his eyes)[Ricardo Stumbles back startled](Enrique siezes the moment with a headbutt and a right hook, Ricardo falls back loses his weapon, he looks up dazed)I knew you couldn't be trusted.

Ricardo: (raising his hands slowly, still down) Look man. Los Charlines will hunt you down, they'll get revenge Puto. They'll track you.

Enrique: Well not Really, Jeman tracked your calls and kept me up on your whereabouts and trangressions. looks like your less of an Los Charlines official and more like an extortee that extorts. I'll take that nice little bmw you got out back, have jeman clean the money for my family, we split the jewels and i have him start me up untraceable in Lucid City that way their safe. It just looks like you chose the wrong Vato Ricky boi. (he grinned walking slowly over picking up his gun.)

Ricardo: Not today, seu filho da mae!(he jumps reaching out for his gun snatching it off the ground)

(Enrique snaps around on a pivot *Blam blam blam*, ending ricardo's life one too the diaphragm, one too the heart, one too the head)

Enrique: Excellent.(he mutters lightly, then looking up through the window outside)[The Sgt. and his officers stir in a frenzy out side]

Sgt. Gustaff: EVERYONE MOVE IN! SHOTS FIRED, I REPEAT , SHOTS FIRED!!( His man all unholster their weapons moving in. A more heavily dressed officer pulls up running from behind one of the vehicles, running forward driving a battering ram through front door, the officer flood in scattering room too room finding nothing.

heavy officer: its all clear sir.

(the Sgt. kneels down next too ricky's corpse)

Sgt. Gustaff: DAMMIT! HE GOT AWAY!

(SCENE FADES TOO eNRIQUE DRIVING DOWN THE HIGHWAY, he pulls out his phone scrolling his contacts too jeman and dials)[he picks up]

Enrique: Have everything ready to go mate, I gotta get out of here tonight, he switched like you thought but tripped a silent alarm in the process... alright, gotchu hermano, see you in 35.(he cuts the call, he sits back in his seat and lets out a long breath, then looking beside him and the mountainous treasure trove in his duffle bag.)



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