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Michael Rose


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Have been in the city for long enough that I thought it adequate to at least introduce myself. So uhh hey there, I'm Michael, and here's the story of my life.
I was born in the middle of fucking nowhere, or in other words, the Balkan nation less stable than your average bar stool, Bulgaria. Like the stool, my family was a bit unstable. My father was a self centred traditionalist man and my mother was rather more progressive. Their disjointed opinions eventually led to a messy separation, with myself and my mother travelling around Europe for a while. I was always a bit off as a kid and could never quite make particularly good relationships with people, but this time period was particularly tough on me. It lead me to dark places. Humans are made to be social creatures, working together, but I always felt off. I didn't fit. I was smart, and my teachers seemed to think well of me, but I could never feel integrated. As time went on, we eventually settled in London, but my mother's job required a busy night time schedule of her, hence leaving me to my own devices further. I couldn't do anything interesting and so I did the only thing I could, I began thinking through problems. I imagined problems in my head and found ways to resolve them. My mind eventually developed a linear and arithmetic approach to everything in life. Relationships, religion, murder, theft, I knew it all, I had a plan for every situation and every scenario. If I didn't I thought about it until I did. Everything was suddenly possible, but there was one problem. The thinking eventually consumed me. Eventually I couldn't stop making plans, I began to panic about every possible situation, and the thought of having no preparation was rendering my sanity scarce. Suddenly my focus was gone. My grades began dropping and I eventually dropped out. Having no other opportunities in life, I decided to finally put my plans into practice. I decided to start off small so I gathered a friend or two and went to a nearby liquor store. We cased the thing for a day or two, before finally deciding to hit it on the evening of 07/19/2016. We got in and put a knife to the cashier's throat.  Screams could be heard and a bottle of wine dropped on the ground shattering into pieces. The floor's white tiles were slowly being painted by the dark red tint of the wine.  As I took my eyes off the wine and tried to look back up, I saw it again. A dark red streak, now running down my hand and sleeves. In my panic, I had shaken my entire body, enough to push my knife into the man's throat. The portly gray gentleman could had blood running down his white collar, slowly painting it along the way. In mere moments, I could see the life drain from him until nothing but a hollow corpse remained. Now covered in blood, I decided that I had no other option but to run. I disregarded the money, and without a thought about my friends I took off through the front door and ran into the nearest alleyway. I stripped of my clothes and put them atop the roof of the very same shop that I had just robbed. I left them there and decided to go hide until nightfall fell. Afterwards, I went home and knowing that I didn't have any time to spare, I took the suit my mother had prepared for my graduation, enough money for a single way flight and took off. From there, I made my way to Lucid City where I decided to join the military where I operated up until just last year. During my time spent there I managed to overcome the guilt of taking another man's life, and eventually managed to get a US citizenship with a reduced waiting period for my service. Now, being desensitised to violence to the bone, I am ready to take on the city and everything it throws my way.

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