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Jax Gunn

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Born on June 9th, 1999. By the age of 8 Jax wanted to become a cop.  Jax's father was one of the best of the police force. However, one day Jax's father was called to a hostage shoot out. He was unfortunately shot in the head by the suspect. Jax's mother after hearing about his fathers death would always chastise Jax every time he would talk about being a cop. Jax graduated high school at the age of 18. He was planning to join the police force. However, his mom still disapproved. He wanted to join to be like his father. He tried for 4 years to convince her but she said she didn't want Jax to end up like his father. At the age of 22 Jax left for Los Santos so he could find somewhere to keep up his fathers memory of bringing justice.

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