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Jack O'Meara

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Jack "Jacques" O'Meara is a paragon of the common man. The eldest of two sons, Jack was born to Lila d'Moisson and Donovan O'Meara in the respectable city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Growing up with an Irish lawyer as a father and a nurse as a mother, Jack was taught the value of community and cooperation from an early age. Serving in the role of elder brother by four years, Jack has also learned the values of protection and upholding what you preach. A hard worker from a young age, Jack has never scoffed at taking a bit of time to accomplish his goals and practices patience and honour as his primary defining traits. 


Jack moved to Lucid City in the pursuit of a chance to redefine himself. Montreal had become a trap to him, full of faces that were uncomfortably familiar and having seen every nook the Canadian city had to offer. An early, positive interaction with the police has reinforced the values taught to him in youth, and he admires the community the city houses, proud to have found a new home.


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