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"Free Waves" Protest at Mission Row PD

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While at a house warming party that was advertised on twitter, a protest was also announced both on the Ads app and Twitter, stated that it was at PD. Jack O'Meara supports the police but thinks its important to hear the protests instead of scold and sneer for disagreeing with the actions of the PD. From what was gathered at the protest, the protestors were of the mind that Waves was arrested for nothing more than smoking a cigarette. The protest proceeded oddly, with the protestors seemingly having no real plan and getting themselves run over repeatedly before thinking it a good idea to move onto a sidewalk. From there the protestors were unable to restrain their baser insticts and eventually stormed the PD itself, and while a surely worrying and scary sight from inside it was quite an interesting one from out.

Pictured: Protestors rush the doors of PD after being hyped up and escalated by the Gambinos arrival from their party.


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