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Meet Muziano Tantillo


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How are you now? 

My mate Muz said to tell you who he is and where he comes from. He said he knows the mob lifestyle, so your 10-ply if you disrespect him.
He is making the move to Lucid City after he put a stink bomb in a nerf gun and fired it at his stepdad Rick. Rick told him no more kids table with those big boy moves and said he best start paying rent. Rent is too much so Muz was bummed. After finding happiness at the bottom of a bottle of whiskey, he woke up on his friend’s lawn in Lucid City. 

Muz has skills, make no mistake. Fights Dirty, fast, and finishing with a celly. He drives like Gretzky dangles, but he lost his license when he lost his wallet and last time he was driving he got called a shithead at go karts for bumping another driver and had to fight the guy ‘cause he was on a first date.

Ummm Muz is from Sicily and on the streets they called him Killer. I worked for Muz back home, part of his crew running the streets so you know he has connections. 

<Claiming to be from Italy will show my cred and pretending to be someone working for me makes them think I have a crew instead of just an unemployed fool. I am going to smoke a dart before I get out there and take over this town.>

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