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Name is James Norris


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Alcoholic Mother but sober through AA. Kinda of trashy life, but she did her best. We always had a roof over our head, although we moved a LOT. Government helped with food and such, so we ate well at the beginning of the month, and not so well towards the end. Had to learn to defend myself at an early age due to not being able to keep up with fashion and decent clothing. This alienated me from others and made me a target for harassment, thus creating an environment to stand up for myself. I was taught when in a tussle, get in the mindset that the other person is trying to kill you. When fearing death you would be amazed at what you can accomplish. I can't say I have won every fight, but I can say that anyone that I fought, knew they were in a fight.

Rough childhood, turned to drugs for a while. Stayed in that fog for quite a while. I was finally able to decide that I needed to address the very problems I ran from in my drug fueled safety net. I have been clean for years and decided for a geographical change. Lucid City called to me and although I am moving there with very little, I want to see if I can succeed. I have worked construction jobs, waited tables, and have minimal skills. Lucid will be a clean slate where I can create my new future, and not be defined by my past.

Where will my life take me now? Can I succeed where statistically I am supposed to fail? Only time will tell

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