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The Tale of Abbas Fattah

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Having helped freedom fighters in a his native third world Middle Eastern country for the last two decades, Abbas Fattah was finally able to save enough money to move his entire family to the safety of America many thousands miles away from the terrors that ravaged his homeland. Driving home for the day in his sand-covered 1983 Toyota Camry he couldn’t help but feel that today was finally the first time in a while that he was truly happy. However, this moment of bliss was brief as he pulled up to the clay shack he’s called home for the last twenty years. 

The threadbare rug that normally covered the entrance to his humble abode was torn off and tossed to the side and he couldn’t help but notice the lack of noise coming from his home. At this time his wife Habibi would normally be cooking some nice sand stew for dinner as his four children ran about in childish glee, blissfully unaware of the terrible world they lived in. Abbas pushed into his home, not prepared for the nightmarish scene that would forever haunt him the rest of his life. 

In the only room of the house, kneeling on the sandy floor was his wife and children, bound, gagged and blindfolded clearly struggling to be freed. Around them stood five rogue militants, members of the very regime who Abbas had been aiding to expel for seemingly his entire life. They pointed an AK-47 at him and commanded him to place his hands behind his back which he readily complied with. The militants tied his hands up as their leader entered the shack.

"Abbas Fattah I presume" the commander said as his dreadful presence filled the room, "You've been causing quite a lot of problems for my men aiding those infidels over the years." 

"I don't know what you are talking about, please what are you doing here let, let my family go!" Abbas pleaded

The commander laughed as he brought out a pistol from his jacket. "Do not waste your breath traitor, we already have all the proof we need from your neighbor, he was quite willing to talk once we started cutting off his fingers" he said with a malicious grin.

"Please, whatever you want, I'll give you, my friend, just let my family go!" Abbas continued to beg

"Unfortunately for you, the time is well passed for any sort of pity, we come now only seeking retribution for your actions scum" 

The commander quickly turned to Abbas's youngest son and unloaded a single shot into his skull. His body hit the floor with an unceremonious thud.

"STOP THIS I BEG YOU! KILL ME BUT LEAVE THEM ALONE, THEY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. I WILL TELL YOU EVERYTHING!" Abbas continued. "Under the sleeping mat, you will find a list of all the people I have helped and who are working with me!"

The commander shot a nod to one of the militants who quickly ran to confirm Abbas's claim. He returned with a sheaf of papers loosely tied with some hemp.

"It is here commander, he spoke truthfully" said the militant handing the papers to his commander. He quickly scanned them as a smile crept onto his face.

"Abbas!" he exclaimed "You've been very bad I see, these papers will help us tremendously, you have my thanks! For that I will leave you with you life, however your actions simply can't be overlooked." 

The commander gave a hand signal to his men who quickly pointed their guns at the back of Abbas's family's heads.

"Kill them." He ordered without so much as a second thought and stepped outside of the shack.

"NO PLEASE DON-" The sound of gunshots filled Abbas's eardrums as he watched the people he loved and cherished most in this world fall lifeless to the ground, slowly being surrounded by a pool of blood. The militants exited the shack and swiftly sped off in Abbas's car. Abbas struggled for several moments until he was finally free from the ropes binding his hand and ran over to the body of his wife, nestling her lifeless head in his lap, tears filling his eyes. Looking around him at all the pain this world had caused him so quickly, he vowed to exact revenge on those who took everything from him, or die trying. 

And so he booked a one-way flight to a place he heard where even a person with nothing can one day grow rich and powerful. A place riddled with opportunity. A place where he can make allies to return to his homeland with and get back at those who wronged him. And that place was known as Los Santos. 

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