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Javonechy "Vonechy" Williams


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Raised in Jackson, Mississippi, Vonechy flew into Lucid City to start fresh.
His back story involves being the son of a Kingpin. 
Leader of one of the deadliest criminal organizations in the South. 
Vonechy managed to stay out of legal trouble most of his life & even graduated from College #JSU. 
But his Father's karma had finally caught up with him.
On a dark & cold night, at least 10 hired hitmen invaded their Multimillion-dollar home & kidnapped his father, mother, and Vonechy!
Tortured for hours, Vonechy was eventually released and thrown into some alleyway due to him still being a teenager and not being the main target. 
But his Mom and Dad were not so lucky, both died that night. 
After finding who ordered the hit and avenging his father, Vonechy flew to the West Coast, never looking back. 
He was ready to make a name for himself in Lucid City.

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