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Yan Schlevsky

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Yan was born on December 31st 1999 in the Czech Republic. He was born to a not so very rich family in the city of Olomouc. When Yan turned 6 years old he enrolled into the Olomouc Faculty Elementary School. He was mainly struggling with Math and Physics but he was able to keep them steady until ending Elementary school in 2014. Yan shortly after moved to Germany to try to get a better education then in the Czech Republic. Yan was very interested in History and Geography, so he pick a school where he would take it the most. After 4 years in 2018, Yan passed and was now 19 years old. In 2019 he started university with a History Major and passed it in 2022 after 3 years. In 2023, Yan was now 24 years old and managed to save some money to travel to the United States, Lucid City. After arriving in Lucid City he began exploring the city, first thing he did was pick up his check of $15,000 in the Court building and buying himself an ID Card. Yan made his way to the DMV and passed A,B and C Driving tests. Yan checked out the tour guide and picked up a job at Lucid Eats which only lasted for a little while before finding about Downtown Cab Co. Yan made his way to the building and applied at the Taxi Email and managed to secure an interview with one of the managers. After passing his interview he started as a Junior Driver and completed his 15 fares in 1 day. He was promoted to a Standard Driver and is now at 41 fares and making some money finally. Last week Yan put in his PD Application and hoping he will pass.....

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